Below are some of the projects I worked on in the last 12 months while at uni. It’s become apparent to me I want to do this full time, alongside actual graphic designers and videographers to make the ads even better.

These are just some of the creatives I’ve worked on:

Advert for Organic, Australian chocolate “Pana Chocolate”.

Pana Chocolate aims to challenge preconceived notions about chocolate being an unhealthy ‘guilty pleasure’ and socially and environmentally unethical. Therefore, Pana Chocolate’s motto “love your insides, love the earth” will continue to be a major proponent of the selling idea. However, an additional message will be added to convey to consumers that Pana Chocolate is ‘guilt free chocolate’, free of emotional guilt elicited by health concerns and cognitive guilt associated with social and environmental ethics.

This brand’s personality is friendly, compassionate, ethical, warm and fun while also being classy and decadent.  Therefore, the creative message will highlight these attributes to encourage consumers to purchase Pana Chocolate over other luxury and/or organic chocolate products. The use of engaging advertising imagery such as friendly mascots, fun scenarios, young and cute, healthy looking girl and copy that says “guilt free chocolate” will emotionally appeal to consumers and assist with consolidating brand personality. Moreover, with nature imagery in the ad, this will further convey that Pana Chocolate is a ‘natural’ product, with no ‘nasties’.

Pana Chocolate - without chocolate version

Advert for EPIC Employment Service Inc

EPIC is a well respected Disability Employment Service provide that assist people with disabilities into long term employment. The biggest challenge they face is dealing with employers who are unsure of the barriers they will have to deal with when employing someone with a disability. This video encourages employers to give people with a disabilities a go.

Advert for UQ Health Services

UQ Health Services are battling with students requesting antibiotics, unaware of the antibiotic resistance. Therefore, this campaign is a social marketing campaign to inspire students to fight the flu on their own without compromising their future health and that of the community.

 boost immunity sleep resistance
 Vitamin C resistance  drink tea resistance

 Advert for Audeara

Audeara has created revolutionary medical headphones that adjust to each individual’s hearing profile for optimised hearing. Everyone can now enjoy listening to music to their full potential, including the elderly and those with some hearing impairments. Ultimately, these headphones allow a safe listening experience which does not cause further damage to hearing. The following ads were created with that in mind.

Celebrities such as, Chris Martin, Plan B and will.i.am are respected musicians and have problems with hearing loss, thereby benefiting from using Audeara technology. For consumers, reference groups serve three functions which are: offering guidance, serving as comparisons and providing information (Moriarty, 2012). Therefore, our endorsers fulfill this role, as they provide compelling justifications for why they use Audeara and motivate consumers to do the same. In essence they make caring for hearing ‘cool’, a good life choice to be making now and also as musicians are credible sources of information as they would only use headphones that offer the sound quality they need for the work they do, thereby adding gravity to the appeal.  Our target market indicated that sound quality and interest in long term hearing protection were of interest to them. These two factors are Audeara’s major selling premise and unique selling position. Therefore, using a rational appeal we leverage off these features to persuade consumers to use Audeara technology.

A focus of the campaign is the tagline ‘Hear sounds you never knew existed…in a safe way’. This tagline encompasses the company’s unique selling proposition. Not only, does the personalised adjustment provide perfect sound for the consumer but use of these headphones is safe and does not damage hearing. Real quotes from Chris Martin and Plan B are used, however slightly tweaked to add the Audeara use aspect. These quotes were selected as they highlighted the seriousness of hearing loss due to preventable causes, were relatable to everyday people and mentioned the use of Audeara as the best headphones for those who have hearing loss and those who want to prevent future hearing loss.

 chris martin - hear sounds plan b - hear sounds will - hear sounds

 For further justification for any of these advertising please contact me. 


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