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Lady Elliot Island: The Secluded Paradise

There I was snorkelling in the brilliant blue water when I saw the green sea turtle: slow and dull on land but in the water cruising along beside me, the sun’s rays danced off its shell and made it sparkle. Lady Elliot is the closest thing to a deserted island on the Great Barrier Reef, … Continue reading

Parading Penguin Christmas Eve

It was a Christmas Eve to remember, celebrating not only with my family but also cute Little Penguins on Phillip Island, Victoria. The night was full of excitement and anticipation as we waited two hours on the windy Phillip Island beach for the sun to set and the penguins to come ashore for the Penguin … Continue reading

More people means less koalas

South East Queensland’s booming population is spelling bad news for koalas, with 10 dying every day in the region by some estimates. That means in September, Save the Koala Month, around 300 will perish. The furry creatures are now “functionally extinct” across the country, according to Australian Koala Foundation CEO Deborah Tabart. And the creation … Continue reading

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