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Media affecting Indigenous health by perpetuating ‘racist’ images

Racism and mental health are linked, we know that, but what’s become apparent from talking to delegates at the International Network of Indigenous Knowledge Health and Development at UQ, is that the media itself is reinforcing negative perceptions of Indigenous people. Professor Dennis McDermott from Flinders University in Adelaide, says racism has been shown to … Continue reading

Domestic abuse linked to continued oppression

Violence, especially towards women and children in Indigenous families, continues to be a significant issue and is being addressed at the International Network of Indigenous Health Knowledge and Development at The University of Queensland. Dr Erana Cooper, from the University of Auckland, says that Aotearoa/New Zealand’s violent history plays a significant role in the prevalence … Continue reading

A focus on wellness for Indigenous women

Being an Indigenous woman equates to shorter life expectancy, a greater risk of health problems and lower levels of social and emotional well being, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This well-known fact is being addressed this week at the International Network of Indigenous Health Knowledge and Development, at The University of Queensland. Melissa … Continue reading

Eurovision 2012 Finals Round-up

Just like that another year of Eurovision is over (lol jokes, I taped it). The favourite, Sweden’s Loreen, won with Euphoria on 372 points, while I was left incredibly confused as to how/why Norway’s Tooji ended up at the bottom with a mere 7 points for Stay. The adorable baking Russian grannies, Buranovskiye Babushki came … Continue reading

Belles Sing, Cash Tils Ring

Courier Mail, December 15, 2011 IT’S that time of year again when the big music labels push out Christmas albums in a bid to cash in on the holiday season. Every year a new artist tops the December charts with their Christmas album and this year the honours go to both Michael Buble with Christmas … Continue reading

Beyonce: Queen of dollar bills

Scene Magazine, July 5, 2011 Superstar Beyonce Knowles is more than just a talented singer, she’s one very savvy business woman. Download Beyonce as a PDF.

Pirated PG movies: Dreaming of a black xmas

MX, December 3, 2010 PG movies are taking the lead in the world of Illegal downloads as both children and their parents become more tech-savvy. Download Dreaming of a black Christmasas a PDF.

Burqas officially banned in France

BURQAS are officially banned in France after the French National Assembly passed the bill with only a single vote against it. If approved by the Senate and Constitutional Council the law would impose  a 150 euro (AUD$216) fine or a lesson in citizenship on any woman wearing the Islamic all-body veil in public. Men caught forcing … Continue reading

Obama reveals first national strategy to combat HIV/AIDS in the United States

US President Barack Obama is tackling HIV/AIDS with America’s first ever national strategy in place. Obama plans to reduce the number of infections, increase access of care for those with HIV and reduce HIV related health disparities. There are currently 1.1 million Americans living with HIV and 56, 000  become infected every year. More than … Continue reading

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